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Retail management in the usual way is never a simple task , it is especially complicated for business type restaurant , café . Without proper management methods , the job of managing a restaurant , coffee retailers can cause overloading , even making all business activities are affected .

Unlike other forms of retailing that item is the specific product , restaurant business , cafe requires effort and spend more time , gaps in business processes which is more .

LEVUEPOS.COM software tool invaluable support in solving the problems of restaurants , cafés


Quantification of simple materials

Café restaurant business , the problem is not simply that the import and sale, to get to the user , must pass through the food processing and must always ensure food safety issues . So , quantitative material is absolutely essential that directly affect life issues – there ‘s a restaurant , café . However , in an ordinary manner , it is difficult to quantify the precise materials .

In fact, a lot of restaurants, cafés were “hardships” in the “miscalculated” raw materials for food processing. Every day, a shop, café will need a certain amount of raw materials to ensure adequate supply for the sale; however, without specifying the material sufficient for a day, a store or a café that is very easy to fall into excessive deficit or lack of material import – the import surplus stores will make a loss expenses this amount charged for goods, imported shortage will not provide enough for the needs of customers, can result in loss of customers.

Software sales manager of quantitative functional LEVUEPOS.COM with raw materials, helping restaurants easily quantifiable materials for each dish correctly, which can determine tomorrow’s needs what to buy the ingredients, quantities, avoiding the purchase of lack or excess material purchase. Accordingly, the eatery also easily manage employee fidelity when employees go shopping.



Retail management in the usual way is never a simple task , it is especially complicated for business type restaurant , café

Warehouse inventory quickly and accurately

Quantitative functional materials on effectively supporting software for warehouse inventory stitching . Instead of directly into the warehouse and weight, measure, measure , count each item one , all inventory information is displayed clearly on the software , because every time you create a new order for an item , what constitutes sufficient raw materials to create dishes that will be deducted directly in the total raw materials warehouse . By now, the warehouse inventory , just a simple operation that can easily know what the other goods , the goods are low for timely purchase plan , the work will not affect sales .


Quick sales

Crowded situation leads to overload during peak periods is “problems” occur regularly to shops, cafés. During peak hours, with a large customer base, it is difficult to “humor” are all “God”, the errors caused miffed customers are easily encountered in these times. The overload could cause stores to lose a close number of tourists has long been attached or create a bad impression with customers, making them no longer want to go back to the store once again.

To create order in accordance with the table function on software, customers simply make a single operation is ordered, immediate service personnel will enter information about the dishes that customers call up the software forms a ordering stock. Just then, stock ordering printer will be printed out in the kitchen to cook can be easily prepared dishes in the order of dishes, guests will be known in advance before preparing food, which will help customers feel respected. Moreover, with this process, the kitchen and service staff will absolutely not afraid of being forgotten order even in peak time.


21 Giải quyết khó khăn trong quản lý nhà hàng, café

The overload can cause stores to lose a close number of tourists has long been attached or create a bad impression to new customers

Accurate sales reporting , proactive revolving working capital

Normally, to test sales are during the day, week or month, retail shop owners must take a lot of time for the inspection and review of the sales invoice, which can be summed up is sales. Furthermore, such manipulation is very easy to mistake in data entry or calculations, which the report also very misleading.

Sales management software with aggregate functions LEVUEPOS.COM sales report by day, week, month based on the invoice has been created for the day, to help quickly and accurately reported. The aggregate daily sales report, which will help retailers with more objective view of the situation of the restaurant business, his café by day, from which reasonable adjustments to the best business results.

Moreover, when there is a fast and accurate information about the amount of cash of restaurants, retailers will easily plan and be proactive in working capital turnover, to avoid affecting the business activities of the groin.



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