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In the retail sector , businesses are often faced with finding new customers , the promotional efforts , marketing and pricing for the purpose of attracting customers . These efforts are necessary but can also be loss making enterprise effort and money when unidentified customer is right to take the appropriate marketing plan .

Retail businesses should implement the principle of 20/80 and should focus their efforts only on 20 % of customers are identified as his best . Because in fact, a group of businesses often have clients with the level of demand , behavior and making different purchasing decisions .

Chiến lược khách hàng trong ngành bán lẻ

Customer Loyalty

These are regular customers visit and use your service. Although only about 20% of the customers of the retail business, but sales from these customers accounted for about 50% of the total sales of a retail business. This means your teeth, your business should always keep in touch with loyal customers, implementation of marketing programs to honor them. Client groups should be subject to influence decisions about product design and decor of your business.

Listen and follow the suggestions of loyal customers is a highly appreciated and thank them most effective. Please loyal customer groups as well as a sales marketing effectiveness, because most likely they will bring your business to new customers by introducing more business with new clients.

Customers only buy when there are discounts, promotions

This group of customers buying quite often but only buy when there are promotions , product discounts . This will be the customers helped liberate enterprise fastest inventories and so is a major source of additional cash into the business lines as needed . Therefore , retailers should information by sending an SMS or email notification to this group when there promotions .
Inspired buyers

This group of customers who do not have specific needs . They can walk , your trip to the store and buy the items that they are interested without prior estimates . And of course now I also want to serve these customers purchased under such inspiration .

Help them discover their needs and get their feedback on your business is necessary work . Enterprises should all merchandise in the store location that attracts customers because they will be the customer groups offer multiple perspectives and critical knowledge representation for the many consumers

Chiến lược khách hàng trong ngành bán lẻ

Customers buy when needed

This group has a clear intention to buy a specific product. Upon entering the store, they will immediately check whether their needs have been met, and if not, they will leave the store immediately. There are many reasons for them to purchase but items they choose to buy almost was specified.
It fulfills this customer group is not an easy thing, but if done, will now be able to turn them into loyal customers. Remember that the customer based on specific needs are likely to switch to a competitor to purchase if their demands were not met immediately – so the sales staff, especially those who hold high office, need to make a positive personal interaction with them. Good service will be a factor dragging them to the store.

Customers are “walking”

This group of customers entering your store with the intent to purchase – maybe they only intend to refer to products or searching for new trends. For this group, the location of the shop is the main factor attracting them. Whatever can not generate revenue for the store, but most likely, they will become the “customer needs” to have a real need or will be a word of mouth marketing tools effectively to their communities – so, to create sympathy for this group of customers with quality products, with service attitude, …

The classification of customers into specific groups will now have a clear direction in the access and customer care. Enterprises should focus their efforts on 20% of customers actually her best to not miss the trade transactions with this group, and do not forget to entice new groups of customers are identified as potentially avoid the customer chooses to use products and services of competitors.



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