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Sales management software – the optimum solution data standardization , support storage and handling large amounts of information over the years the store . Software brings benefits for managing sales data : Storage for quick reference ; Recommended types and report statistics for managers .

Fast Facts – quick sale

Standard data , lookup faster , maximize the processing speed at the point of sale , reducing stress and pressure selling of payment queue . Sales software allows :

– Select the goods , customer name by keyword , or by barcode images
– Look commodity by commodity group , manufacturers , suppliers
– Update entries favorite products in stores
– Look bills saved and temporarily stored bill , return the bill is paid

Read the exact figures – smart decision

The actual situation of the store clearly shown on the data, including observations of how volatile the situation for many years. Accurate information processing, synchronization, in just a few seconds the software will show managers detailed statistical tables on the following subjects:

– Customers and suppliers
– Business Sales
– Financial liabilities
– HR shop
– Stats: Warehouse, after sales service, customer service card

Reporting system enabling managers to accurately capture, timely business results by continuously aggregates data from stores put on show on the report. As a result, store managers promptly intervene in the sales process and administration staff as well as planning for the next phase more effectively.



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