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Barcode Printer There are other names, such as label printers , barcode printers , … this is dedicated printers for label, barcode common in all areas of application barcode technology to manage goods.

There are many types on the market , you can hardly distinguish . LVpos make choices for their customers products best in terms of quality and price :

Questions and answers about Barcode Printer

1/ What is Barcode Printer ?

Barcode Printer (the Best BarCode Printer) is a computer peripheral device used to print codes Barcode labels . Was no longer alien to our modern lives, they are regarded as supermarket equipment with the ability to manage extremely good products. The best-selling products market in recent years, many consumers are most interested is the product of the company Godex, TSC, Zebra stamp printed in gold, silver.

Barcode printer also has other names such as : label printers, barcode printers …this is dedicated printers for label, barcode common in all field of barcode technology applied to management of goods and including in the field do not use barcodes with durable advantages of large capacity, dedicated print code and low cost.
Barcode printers are divided into two main types industrial barcode printers : environment for warehouse, factory, large enterprises and office barcode printers : systems for retail, shops, supermarkets and small sized


2/ Advantage

Highlights of barcode printers is sensor system (sensor) to help printers understand and accurate specifications stamps , help compact printer to print information on each stamp , sensor systems simultaneously thanks to the barcode printer will be prominent features on printers that others do not have, such as automatic label cutting, tearing or peeling label automatic label automatically.

Practical applications:

Printers work based on the heating of the hot spots on the print head on the label surface . Barcode printers print in a horizontal format . When first run across print stamp , print head positioning places to heat and melt the ink , the ink will stick to labels and dry immediately.

Printer’s sensors (sensor) is a signal received from the infrared rays it emits. It’s part to understand the size and material of paper. Putting it recognizes the size of paper is slit by between 2 soles shake – applying stamps (for the regime ” die cut label” ) or marker ( mode “label with mark” ). Some industrial printer line with other sensors such as sensor more toward the door to the application of labels to peel -off function, tear- off or auto -cutter.



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