Barcode printing paper

Decal printing barcodes or barcode printing paper is the type of paper used to print the bar code information on the goods through barcode printers

There are many types on the market, you can hardly distinguish. LVpos make choices for their customers products best on high as : paper FASSON, AMAZON … for reliable and high -definition.

ANSWER and QUESTION PAPER barcode printing

1/ What is barcode printing paper ?

Paper printed bar code is the kind of paper used to print the bar code information on the goods through barcode printer, paper size to be held in each stamp should also commonly known as code printing stamps bar or bar code label printing.
Paper printed bar codes typically have two layers, the front is glossy or rough layer to printed information on the back and covered with 1 layer of glue to paste on the product used. paper had several types but the most common is the conventional thermal decal paper used in supermarkets, office, warehouse.

2/ Application

This date barcode technology applications in many fields of barcode printing paper should also be widely used as

  • One of the retail industry : Be applied to print bar code sticker on the product to manage and faster payment
  • One of the warehouse sector. Paste up boxes, stickers on products
  • In the management of a library : Paste up spines easier to manage
  • In hospital : Paste up test tubes
2/ Classify
  • Paper label: is the universal type of decal on the market , often environmental applications in supermarkets, warehouses, and office Logictis. As the material is vulnerable during use as peeling, tearing and blurred information.
  • Decal plastic (PVC): is the type of plastic decal, usually used in the frozen environment and high level of wear and tear. Life expectancy of this material is relatively high (range 4 to 5 years in normal temperature environments)
  • Decal metal cylinder: is the type of decal with thin slices of metal silver reflect light commonly used in the production environment chemical and paste onto the metal surface or consumer products. This material has a high life expectancy (range 5 to 7 years in normal temperature environment).
  • Decal remove: is the type of adhesive decal paper but functions especially after 1 year will automatically peeling glue, enabling users to brush it off material easily and without gluing.
  • Decal pools: is a type of brittle plastic decal applications in the warranty void.
  • thermal paper label: is the type of decal on the front is covered with layers of coal beneath the pulp. When the temperature heats directly onto the paper, heats up the coal and printing paper. Using this paper does not come with ink. This material susceptible to distortion of information as easily scratched.


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