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Also known as bar code scanners, is a reasonable solution for the retail systems, supermarkets, hospitals, warehouses duc..den teachers. LVpos many barcode reader of the brand quality of the top 5 in the world such as Motorola, Honeywell, Datalogic read all barcodes in any technology environment such as Laser, CCD, photographic infusion, handheld or desktop type

LVpos make choices for their customers products best in terms of quality, reasonable price, fast scanning and reliable, slim style, designed handle feels comfortable to use. Installation and simple to use.

Question and Answer barcode reader

1/ What are bar codes ?

Barcode by definition is a method to store and transmit information in a type of notation called up for barcode. Signed barcodes or barcode is also referred to, is one symbol combination of space and straight lines to represent the letters, symbols and numbers. The change in the width of lines and spaces performances or numeric information in the form of machine- readable.

Code bar code was generated by a barcode scanner, a machine image acquisition of the barcode printed on the surface and transfer the information contained in the bar code to the computer or the device needs this information. It usually has a light source attached to the lens, to focus light onto the barcode, and then collecting the reflected light on a photosensitive transform light signals into electrical signals. In addition, many barcode scanners can also add electronic circuit processing the received signal from photosensitive to turn into signals suitable for connection to PC.

2 / barcode to encode APPLICATIONS WHAT?

Can be all kinds of information encoded into the bar code. Example:

1. Number parts (Part Numbers)

2. Seller identification number, identification manufacturers, enterprises (Vendor ID Numbers, Numbers ManufactureID)

3. Number Pallet (pallet Numbers)

4. Where goods store

5. On receiving

6. Name or number of the customer

7. Commodity prices

8. Shipment identification number and serial number

9. Number of processing orders

10. Property Identifier

11. Number Purchase Orders

… etc.

Discrimination and meaning:

  • To choose the correct bar code scanners used in the needs of the user, the user must know the requirements necessary for the application of the following:
  • Code barcodes are used
  • Use in any environment
  • Applications to do
  • Scan technology depends on quet.khong operation code
  • scan beam length




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