Cash register

Apply Pos cash register or POS cash help reduce management costs, labor and limited commodity losses. Simple operation, fast, increase professionalism for system …

Cash register
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Pos There are many types on the market, you can hardly distinguish. LVpos make choices for their customers products best vending machine Pos in terms of quality and price:



1/ What is Pos Machine ?

POS stands for Point Of Sale (or point of service) is a kind of cash used to pay at the cash register counters supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, retail shops, … and used to manage the business in the retail industry and even in the business services industry.


2/ Advantages and practical applications of the machine Pos

POS management system than a conventional cash register . Using the POS , you have at hand all of the most advanced scientific development which gives you the convenience of management and business .


  • Easy to use , accurate and reliable.
  • fast transaction speed, increase quality of service.
  • Usability high.
  • Increase work efficiency, improve sales performance.
  • Strict management.

Practical applications:

It is used for (retail shop), at payment counters (check out counter), or a location can be changed when the transactions occur in this type of type of environment . Moreover , the point of sale to meet like a cash register systems ( electronic cash register system ). PoS be used in restaurants, hotels, stadiums, casinos, generally it is suitable for short -chapters selling environment, it is the service of the sales .

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