Customer card provide solutions and deploy customer card program for all businesses…

1/ Practical applications ?
  • Payment at the point of sale ( POS )
  • Customer card ( VIP card / loyalty card discounts, promotions … )
  • Customer Management
  • Visit the computer and network systems
  • E-commerce Transactions
  • Payment by mobile phone ( NFC )
  • Access Control , Time Attendance
  • Parking Auto


Tags help increase sales effectiveness

Customer Care accumulate points by policy , incentives to attract loyalty cards or loyalty cards helps stores increase sales and strengthen customer loyalty :

Increased competitive advantage

Today when competition is increasingly fierce , the quality of service and after-sales service to the success of a retail business . Through incentives , accumulate points , expressed gratitude stores with shoppers and makes himself stand out on the market in the same industry . The relationship with customers increasingly durable if these policies were built systematically , practical and convenient for the customer.

Modifications sales

In addition to factors raise competitiveness , system programs store sales also quick impact on consumer habits : more and more customers are buying larger and accumulate points quickly have the opportunity to receive incentives . Thus , preference cards , earn points as a solution to improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue for the enterprise to the maximum.

Realize customer card solutions

Currently , businesses and large chains are trusted and used solutions to deploy card loyalty programs. Then each customer is assigned a unique code card , depending on the cumulative value of the cards are categorized corresponding preference level.

To really make the customer satisfied, the store should use professional management software helps to accumulate points quickly processed , transparent mechanism for point throughout the system , the message ( SMS ) to customers on point charge state , and more specifically to help release and upgrades in the store card.

Deployment Solution software tags on sale

Customer card solutions simple – excel – effectively by allowing enterprises or chain store customer information management and implementation of the program easy in card point of sale.

Card issuer immediately on software synchronization solution of creating a single system to store customer data management and customer cards . So when you want to issue cards , users simply select customers on software and print the new cards can be handed to guests. The process is quick also to request identification card and advanced security.

Automatic card processing

After the manager has established mechanisms to accumulate points on the software can be assured of uniformity in the whole system of sale using . When salespeople card scanner , the software will be based on the invoice value to accumulate points , automatic upgrades discount card or the corresponding incentives . Automated handling minimizes the easy manipulation and errors of salespeople.



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