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Research actual figures show that retail sales of goods in Vietnam to 90% of the market is still traditional stores such as markets , retail stores , shop … dominant . In particular , the main management method remains: public records and daily records ( prone to errors in calculation and time-consuming ) . This more or less affect the ability to manage and reduce the professionalism and capabilities of the store sales .

POS technology is becoming popular , can be easily applied in the shops and restaurants in order to improve management efficiency and sales capabilities , to meet the requirement .


So What is POS ? Why POS can enhance the sales manager

PoS is a term that stands for Point of Sale , which means that the point of sale , or counters , counter. One store may have one or more different POS , POS system solutions , including:


– Software sales

Software allows updates on the number of goods , import , exists all the time , as well as monitoring the revenue and liabilities for each customer . Instead the manager to conduct public unless the numbers, the system automatically updated with each professional sales, inventory management generated in real time on the software . Even managers can monitor business performance of many chain stores at any point , remote management via iPad devices , tablet , iPhone . Thus managers have more time for other investment activities .

– The equipment sales

The Barcode reader scans the code serves sales ; invoices connected printer software , tablet sales high professionalism brought to the store. Transparency in prices of goods and services to customers is also evident .


POS technology to enhance sales for stores

Sales management solution through POS software will help improve sales and store management. Solutions to overcome the shortcomings of manual management methods present such as with high professionalism, to minimize confusion about payments, create more points of sale on the device iPhone, iPad, tablet. Simple sales process, allowing operations staff to quickly and easily. No need to have multiple salespeople, using POS will help sales faster, more accurate.

With this convenient feature, any public sector can also apply POS solution. Not only are supermarkets, commercial centers, where even the stores of various sectors such as restaurants, entertainment centers can also apply to manage and more efficient sales



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