Enterprise POS software

ERP as a tool to help create the competitive advantages to enterprises through the uniformity and optimize corporate governance apparatus , connecting all parts companies become more convenient and easier , from which the work efficiency is improved. Data management at every stage of the system , in a unified software interface : Manufacture , sales , finance , human resources, warehouse , debts ...



to manage your business.

– System ERP software for manufacturing enterprises
– System software for enterprise ERP restaurants, hotels, resorts
– ERP software system for enterprises chain stores, shops, supermarkets.
– ERP software system for entertainment, amusement parks
– ERP software systems for the retail supply chain
– ERP for services firms

Management anytime, anywhere

Sales on a Tablet

Sales anytime, anywhere

managed directly on the phone

Difficulty understanding you are not always on duty at the store or the computer to receive orders and take the appropriate coordination should LVpos can be designed to integrate with smart devices like smarthphone or Ipad. All data is updated constantly every day, every hour helps you never miss a business opportunity yet.

You can update all the information in the shop or chain store through the device on, even can change the parameters, change the member ‘s right to receive, process orders, status updates row chemistry, integrated with web reporting system gives you access to view management reports from anywhere via the internet.

The function of business management software ERP

Partner Management

Customer information management, suppliers, … Management Transaction history : Calendar appointments, tasks, quotes, orders ….

Product Management

Materials management, product structure bombs, pricing, manufacturing processes. Tracking transaction history related to each product.

Process management

Defines the type of process and automation of processes operating under established : Official documents, contracts, …

Project management, work

Cost management, sales, resources, work plans, diary notes, note, text, line, …

Financial Management & Accounting

Bookkeeping integrated with all activities through accounting schemes to information processing automation.

Personnel Management & wages

Management of comprehensive human resources from planning, recruitment, training, personnel files, assessment, attendance, salaries and insurance.

Purchasing Manager

Strengthening the possibility of purchasing and supply. Improve the performance of inventory and the ability to timely supply.

Sales Management & Distribution

Enhancing the ability to create and manage sales policy. Closed process from quotation, orders, delivery, invoicing.

Marketing Manager

Design campaign, SWOT analysis, tows. Automation of activities and track performance.

Property Management & equipment

Asset management, equipment, depreciation, cost allocation, monitoring during operation and allows integration with equipment to print bar codes or inventory.

Warehouse Management

Management of warehouse space, plans to enter production. Optimized for fast search capabilities of materials or items requested.

Production Manager

Management plan, track and organize all of your manufacturing operations and the ability to calculate costs in a variety of methods.

Content Management

Tools that help create great business website! Features fully customizable and SEO friendly.

Document Management

Manage folder tree, document, decentralization and the ability to link modules throughout the system operational.

Statistical Analysis

Collection, classification, disaggregation, data processing. Data mining tools with pivot in multiple levels and dimensional data.

Investment Management

Information management of investment projects, capital management plans, case management-contract bid package, schedule management, billing management, settlement.

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