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Learn to embrace ideas from employees

Being a manager is not easy. In an organization , not difficult to see the scene of the employees unite to ” isolate ” the boss , just because they do not feel comfortable with the group and invite your boss to lunch to follow . Regardless of the disparity that , in the position of boss , managers are still responsible for training and staff development .

Học cách đón nhận ý tưởng từ nhân viên

By contact, exchange and training of employees, managers will have the opportunity to learn more new things from them. Here’s what managers should do to receive the knowledge from lower levels! Why not?
Create new ideas in organizations
Often employees are the people who brought many new and unique ideas to the organization rather than their superiors. Therefore, managers need to take advantage of an open working space, encouraging people to discuss and share ideas. By doing that simple, everyone would be willing to bring new ideas, contribute more to the “goldmine” of organizational information.
Especially 8X and 9X group of children should be considered a thinking machine of the organization because they are younger, catch up the era of information faster and always pay attention to more new inventions. The result is that they will bring to the table more novel initiatives.

Học cách đón nhận ý tưởng từ nhân viên

Managers should utilize an open working space , encouraging people to discuss and share ideas .

Improve the process of recruitment and training of new employees
Regular assessment and innovation, as needed, talent recruitment process will ensure that you always bring new resources efficiently and is useful for organizations and employees.
At the same time, new employees after undergoing vocational training and generally will initially offer new ideas as well as more unique picture of the future of the organization in the way of looking at their problems.
Managers should be taken seriously and utilize these ideas to improve the operation of the organization, or at least have more options when making decisions later.
In addition, new employees should ask former employees as well as on the effectiveness of the recruiting process they went through with the organization to adjust accordingly, helping organizations to easily reach these resources new resources in the future.
Better Leadership
It was a challenge to the management self-assessment their capabilities and find out where is the need to improve. Therefore, calling the staff feedback manner boss survey will help managers become more effective for employees.
To employees feel more comfortable and honest with the answers, the survey should be conducted in a “anonymous” paper or software. Giving direct questions to get the most accurate results.

Learn to trust
Many employees feel work best when there is to know your boss is standing behind her and is willing to do just told wrong. But others argue that they feel are too strict management and can not work efficiently and achieve the highest capacity with a boss like that.
A good manager knows how to balance between creating space for the staff easier “breathing” and strengthen the management if necessary. Was the only employee to boss the boss see that faith is required for them to succeed, so please do not worry when assigning employees.
Just assigning and staff believe will do our best to complete the mission that was assigned to their boss with confidence and responsibility. A trusted employee boss will spend more time to focus on the big picture rather than the immediate focus on the image of the boss standing behind watching their every move.



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