Billing Information

ou can select one of the following forms 4:

Direct payment in Company:

  • Add:42 Dinh Tien Hoang, P.1, Q. Binh Thanh, TP.Ho Chi Minh
  • VPDD:753 Luy Ban Bich, P.Phu Tho Hoa, Q. Tan Phu
  • MST: 0312373046
  • Tel:(08)

Payment on delivery

  • LVpos staff will contact you and schedule the time when we received a request to register your service.
  • This form applies tp within the inner city. Ho Chi Minh

Bank transfer , cash or deposit into your account:

  • ACB Bank, PGD Phan Xich Long, TP. Ho Chi Minh
  • Account name: Công Ty Cổ Phần Công Nghệ Số Lê Vũ
  • Account number: 163847389
  • Đong A Bank - TP. Ho Chi Minh
  • Account name: Le Hoai Vu
  • Account number: 0105473584

Payment through Paypal:

  • You secure online payment through Paypal payment gateway: email

Notice of Transfer :

  • Immediately after the transfer , please call HOTLINE 1900 9487 or 0903 516 287 or to let us know. We will carry out the work immediately upon receipt of the customer transfer.
  • Very pleased to serve you !

Need more support ?

1900 9487 | Hotline: 0903 516 287 |

HCM1: 42 Đinh Tien Hoang, Q. Binh Thanh, TP. Ho Chi Minh

HCM2: 753 Luy Ban Bich, P.Phu Tho Hoa, Q. Tan Phu

  • Vinh Long: 753 21C Pham Thai Buong, P.4, TP. Vinh Long
  • France: 25 rue Pierre Albrand 13002 Marseille France
  • Phone: +33 (04) 919164 39

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