Receipt printers

Heat printer(Receipt printers) very widely used and popular , is an integral part of the support equipment sales…

Receipt printers

There are many types of thermal printers on the market , you can hardly distinguish . LVpos make choices for their customers products Best receipt printers in terms of quality and price :


Questions and answers about Receipt Printer ( Thermal Printer )


1/ The concept features thermal printer ( receipt printer , print bill )

Receipt printers are known as peripherals connected to the computer to do the task publishing software bill on paper. Receipt printer uses two main printing technologies are in heat (thermal) and dot matrix (dot matrix).
Thermal Printer (receipt printer) for printing invoices with features high-speed thermal printer. Thermal printers are not required ink type printer, print content will be displayed on the paper by burning dots on white paper. Compared to a conventional dot matrix printers, thermal printers use heat will directly impact on the thermal head to print the information on the bill on carbon paper, so there are advantages: faster printing, quieter, compact size, easy to move and help save energy. With the function of the printer is printing invoices and automated cutting, the sales process will be conducted quickly and accurately and is a perfect choice for the retail sector.


2/ Practical application of the thermal printer ( receipt printer , print bill )
  • In the retail bill for guests in restaurants, coffee shops, supermarkets, fairs, bookstores, cafes, karaoke, billiards, shop, clothing shop, bar, beerclud, hotels, amusement parks…
  • Health – the government, public service, box office, bank : receipt printers are often placed in the front room to get some order.


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