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The partners worked intensively in the IT industry , the retail sector , the knowledge and the ability to deploy software to other units , we offer you to become agents of . We will accompany you to be able to provide an information technology system superior to retail managers , internal forces promoting the retail sector during the transition country joined the WTO.
LVpos specialized in distribution and supply Management Software, POS Software, POS cash registers, touch screen, receipt printers, thermal paper, barcode reader, Stamp barcode printer, cashdrawers, display…Consulting solutions , installation and maintenance of system charges.

Đăng ký đại lý

• To enjoy discounts from sales of software, hardware, re-signing the contract, the highest rate of up to 50%

• To be granted an official Certification Agency

• Introduced on the website homepage

• Join, using promotions, sales materials, marketing campaigns organized by

• To enjoy policies to promote business for partners

• Participate in-depth training and professional deployment entrepreneurship

• Used free task management system, customer management (CRM)

• Without any risk participation as a formal agent



• Agents and customer self- management initiative in signing contracts with customers

• Perform customer support deployed during use

• Use client management systems , transaction provided to support the work


• Having a business registration license

• The representative has no criminal record , did not violate the law , not civil lose , do not lose citizenship and / or not objects are in time as stipulated judgment of law


Undergo training and certification of ownership official Agents , Agents will be entitled to support policies issued by the Company and enjoy attractive discounts according to the following levels :
Screenshot-2014-05-10-11.32.05Level Intensive : Agents Intensive at least 2 certificates agent deployment and implementation of systems to 20 customers.


Level Professional: Agents Professional deployment settings for at least 10 customers or complete 2 training programs and deploy customer 7.
Level Official: Agents Official go through advanced training programs in sales management system, and software deployment for at least 3 customers.

Official dealers will be participating TRAINING PROGRAM organized by in installments and monthly . With the scale of development agents in provinces across the country , we organized for registration agents directly involved in Ho Chi Minh office or join online , depending on the individual conditions. The training session will give agents the effective method for developing customer network and improve dealer level.

Certified Management

Agents are trained intensive systems management software stores , chain stores complex
Screenshot-2014-05-10-10.53.22Certificate Deployment

Agents have the capacity to deploy a full suite of hardware solutions and software , optimal solutions for retail stores
Screenshot-2014-05-10-10.53.22Certifications Consulting

Agents can complete descriptions of products and provide suitable solutions for different types of retail stores
Forms of training:

• Training directly: apply to agents capable of directly to the office of to participate in training

• Online training: apply to the Agency does not have the conditions to participate in training directly

The training program:

• Training on how to use the system to manage provide job

• Training on how to use and support customers use

• Training and technical customer support (deployment unit)

• Skills training find customers, sales skills, contracting, marketing

• Training and certification of retail industry knowledge, consulting, training

Training time:

• will organize training for agents in waves, and monthly. Cai Agents can enroll



SUPPORT PR & Marketing:

• Agent is supported on brochures, flyers, programs under the banner of the Company

• Information Agent will be advertised alongside on the mass media and official website

• Agents are informed of all promotions and boost service delivery to clients

• Agents obtain information on pricing and new product and service package, the program Marketing and sales promotion

Technical Support:

• You will be agents of technical support and customer care by phone, email, yahoo, skype. Get direct support technically when required

• Support customer care agents during customer use of services

• Agents will join regular training on products, technology, sales knowledge held by

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