Thermal paper

Thermal paper or paper bills ( in bill ) that LVpos customers choose quality International standards: thick, glossy surfaces are, no dust, increasing the life of equipment. Print beautiful, crisp. Wrapping foil, fireproof, waterproof. Suitable for thermal printers on the market…

Questions and answers about thermal paper


1/ Practical application paper bill :

Thermal paper ( paper bills ) are very widely used and popular , is an integral part of sales support.

  • Used to print invoices retailers for guests in restaurants, coffee shops, supermarkets, fairs, bookstores, cafes, karaoke, billiards, shop, clothing shop, bar, beerclud, hotels, amusement parks entertainment, business center, in numerical order in the medical, box office, public places…
  • Used in payment cards over the phone, and the whole tree atm casio cash register. This is k57 thermal paper is most commonly used in the market.
2/ Benefits of thermal paper
  • Thermal paper printing fast, quiet and without tape or cartridge.
  • The common thermal paper for receipt printers, such as thermal paper k80, k57 thermal paper, thermal paper k75
3/ The concept and characteristics of thermal paper ( paper bills )
  • Thermal paper is a special type of paper , paper coated with a layer of chemicals and chemical changes when the temperature heats up . When the receipt printer thermal effect on the paper surface layer of special material on it transformed into the black , displaying the contents of the bill.
  • You do not need to pour ink for receipt printer as usual dot matrix printers.
  • K57-58 thermal paper is used in thermal printers and cash registers and terminals , the credit card rates that lightly.


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