Today the app technology touchscreen in the payment process, selecting dishes … have become popular day. Helps reduce management costs, labor, goods limited losses. Simple operation, fast, increase professionalism for restaurant chains, supermarkets …

The touchscreen is very cost-effective, simply combine with 1 CPU computers that already have a POS system. The advantage is easy to upgrade the CPU. If compared with 1 POS synchronization cost only 1/4 the cost.

Touch screen cash registers

There are many touchscreen on the market, you can hardly distinguish. LVpos make choices for their customers products best on quality and price :


Questions and answers about TOUCH SCREEN

Good features of Pos touchscreen

  • Easy to use, accurate and reliable.
  • Fast transaction speed, service quality increases.
  • High usability.
  • Increase work efficiency, improve sales performance.

Concept & FEATURES:

A simple, touch-screen monitors that can respond to the user’s control through manipulation of the finger contact or touch pens in the phone app before.

The advantage of the touch screen is the ability to customize help manufacturers have been many ways in terms of interface design as well as features. Besides, the system leaves the traditional physical buttons before, users can experience the size of the screen has a larger, more open.

Because of the characteristics of the retail outlets are continuously operate and serve, requires the system running stable, less buggy arise. POS computer more often because it is designed specifically for this sector, which can run 24/24 and touchscreen little use to manipulate the mouse, keyboard. The internal components are arranged in the most optimal heat dissipation, reducing noise while running.

Moreover also through the quality control stage, durability, vibration, humidity … saving maintenance costs, repairs later on. Components of the POS using common standard products suitable for replacing and upgrading easy.

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