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Unfair competition , the enemy of true enterprise

Competition is good , is the driving force for development . In business , the competition gives consumers many benefits : better products , lower prices … However , the competition between the enterprise must ensure the healthy principles , fairness , no the ” cheat” or ” tips ” unlawful . Because if so , then not only do business with honesty enterprises were ” playing dirty ” but now consumers would not benefit anything .
Business life today , we can see the phenomenon of unfair competition is taking place in many forms ranging from tax evasion , fraudulent or counterfeit tender , product counterfeiting , trademark of other enterprises make incorrect information reduces the value of the business … < / div >
< Div > In particular , the launch rumors harmful to competition as well as the label ” old though but very malicious ” , causing miserable for many businesses . They can create false information by mistake lowering the corporate brand authentic activities .
Competition to come over, but does not mean burying the opponent ( illustration ).
Software Engineering sector, some phenomenon of unfair competition occurred in recent times. In addition to imitation, product counterfeiting, copying technology has been processed authorities, some competitors are now also rumors untrue, influence reputation. The dangers of this form of unfair competition is usually the culprit, “hiding” discreet, very difficult for the investigation and verification. In addition, opponents also tricks for salesman “gossiping” about the company’s products to customers, making the company’s sales plunged. They offer thousands of maintenance mode, the warranty with renowned brands to create the attraction, hitting customer sentiment that the company must take a long time, the new effort “whitewash” with public opinion and customers. Some companies sell different computer, is rumored to be providing fake goods, poor quality, … though unfounded, or the lack of evidence given convincing …. All information believe it is very difficult to determine the origin, difficult to handle, but the obvious consequence is the true business enterprises suffered losses.
In economics, the nature of the competition is to seek higher profits than the average profit is now. The result is a competitive process can be reduced prices, increased sales, but is based on healthy competition in accordance with the law, social ethics, business ethics. Competition emulate nature, through which each owner can enhance their own capabilities without tactic to destroy the opponent. The motto of healthy competition is “no need to blow out the candle of his others to shine” … However, the phenomenon of unfair competition still occur daily. To prevent that, besides the heavy-handed treatment of the authorities, it is thought, every business itself should also have a strategy to protect their own brands, vigilance, timely detection and handle the rumors before they spread and cause harm.



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