Cashdrawers used for supermarket cashier, restaurant, cafe, Beer Club, Bar, karaoke, retail stores, shop … help for classification cashier when paying money to clients. Easy returns , inventory , cash handed a scientific way, the payment process takes place quickly , saving time for customers during peak hours.

There are many types on the market , you can hardly distinguish . LVpos make choices for their customers products mini cash drawer, automatic best in terms of quality and price :

Questions and answers about CASH BOX


 Ưu điểm khi sử dụng két đựng tiền:

1/ Quick ratio, minimize mistakes

Do not have the cash drawer and classification of even- money , loose change , many scientists at the store when work was slow payment . When using cashdrawers catering sales job , the currency will be classified by different denominations in each compartment . So will reduce errors in the collection and return of excess cash to customers.

2/ Ensuring safety in the payment process:

At many stores , especially grocery stores , many crooks take advantage of crowded stores easily stole the money that you did not know . So use cashdrawers is a safe solution in this case . By cashdrawers open only when you perform printing of invoices for customers or make new payment orders are automatically opened safes . In the case of store employees have left the sales position , the coffers are still secure , negligent loss.

3/ Easy integration with sales management software :

In case your shop using cashdrawers but not integrated with software sales , invoice printers , the situation may occur on the actual amount collected does not match the sales invoice or the proceeds of safe loss can lead to misleading , difficult to manage. So cashdrawers , software sales and invoice printers are inseparable trio in the management of the store. When 3 devices are integrated with each other , just execute the command at that time invoice printing new cash drawer open . This minimizes the need to open multiple times by hand and make sure the amount of selling orders always corresponds to the actual amount in the tank.



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