Cash management software CAFE + RESTAURANT

Cash management software cafe restaurant LVpos help investors or managers can operate automatically and optimize profitability : Increased profits from optimized management processes , reduce labor costs and the value -added services to customers. At the same time , the system helps avoid strict control of fraud staff. Transparency in business management . At anywhere can control details of each sales invoice , each business transaction or warehouse through smartphones , tablets , laptops ...


To manage the restaurant, Cafe of You.

    Track activity in service – the cashier – a bar / kitchen from one convenient screen for restaurant management.
    Caters to order via the tablet ( iPad , Android ) convenient , professional , to meet the demand during peak hours.
    Support payments cashier quickly during peak hours, minimizing confusion and loss.
    Real-time kitchen screen , displaying all the requested dishes made ​​from Cashier / Service.
And so much more…

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Bán hàng trên Tablet

Easy to use software , Sales – Management on all devices

Restaurant Business sync

Software used on any device that you have : desktop , tablet , printer , barcode scanner … help synchronize all sewn served on the same system : from the hand- set , ranking table , ordering , in order in the kitchen , serving and billing … quickly and accurately ! Save time and effort moving of employees, while ensuring all services takes place sequentially , smooth.

Easily Quantify materials

Unique points of restaurant management software is the ability to estimate LVpos of materials, particularly meaningful for shoppers and chefs of the restaurant , canteen , cafe . Just enter the amount of estimated selling dishes of the day are able to know the amount of raw materials needed to prepare , avoid excessive deficits and affect business.

According to reports in-depth real-time

Allows you to view general reports , sales reports by date, invoice , report quantitative materials, customer analysis . On that basis , the manager has an overview and provides direction for the restaurant operations and customer care best.

Why did you choose LVpos

Restaurant management software cafe used on any device you have : desktop , tablet , printer … help synchronize all sewn served on the same system : from the hand- set , ranking table , ordering , in order in the kitchen , serving and billing … quickly and accurately ! Save time and effort moving of employees, while ensuring all services takes place sequentially , smooth.


Management anytime, anywhere

With cloud computing technology advanced, management can track anytime, anywhere on mobile devices such as phones, tablets, iPad.


Friendly and easy to use

With a user -friendly interface and user needs, the information is arranged in a scientific way, reasonable.


Cost savings

Lisence software permanently. Comprehensive sales management with the upgraded version is a free update


Use on any device

With professional style and modern, can order sales through mobile devices such as tablets, phones, iPad.


Edit as required

Software engineers will modify according to particular requirements of the enterprise , as well as customized according to individual user.



Our team of technicians and customer care are dedicated to consulting and customer support.

Management software functionality restaurants , cafe LVPOS designed open, helps managers can change the functions, the rights of employees, install additions dishes, food groups, changing daily menu, switch seats for passengers, splitting tables, compound desk, separate bills, booking, ordering and many other features support for managers in all situations . With a closing operation after ordering , all the dishes are placed in the visitors right into the kitchen printer, the dishes prepared and served to guests, help managers save the maximum on time, human resources, enhance service quality and enhance the image, professional level of consistency.

Management support functions :
– Monitor and update the entire operating activities (number of visitors, revenue, pricing policy …) at the time of any from anywhere with an Internet connection.
– Design tables in the model diagram of customary practice.
– Change the color of the table, help desk manager style easy positioning in the process of servicing.
– Change the menu, pricing policies from time to time.
– Apply these deals, promotions fit under different criteria.
– Assign and monitor the implementation of the work of the whole system …

Function Support cashier
– Manage sales invoice details, revenue over time.
– Report sales for each employee, every customer.
– Handle the form of payment by cash, credit card, debit card …
– Management of transactions, debts with suppliers.
– Assist in the management of export, import, inventory …

Function Support department Kitchen
– Update and print a list of food and drink orders right at the place.
– Allocation of materials, changing the way the processing and presentation …

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