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Hotel management software, hair salon & spa LVpos built on the basis of international standards of business management Hotel, Spa, Hair Salon, Gym, Yoga & Fitness . strict management, smart, easy to use ... Provide adequate information and support analyst reports , to help leaders make timely decisions and wise . LVpos powerful tool to help you in the management and administration.


HOTEL + SPA to manage your personal details.

    Booking, room allocation, reception, cashier, management, language and currency, books and reports, liabilities, warehouse, hotel chains…
    Help the staff / management are not proficient computer user can quickly, use anytime, anywhere.
    Free recruitment support for the position : The reception, housekeeping, management, rapid bep..nhanh
    In order to help increase revenue quickly get out of the hotel business is not efficient or solve the problem of governance
And more!…

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Sales on a Tablet

Sales anytime, anywhere

managed directly on the phone

Difficulty understanding you are not always on duty at the store or the computer to receive orders and take the appropriate coordination should LVpos can be designed to integrate with smart devices like smarthphone or Ipad. All data is updated constantly every day, every hour helps you never miss a business opportunity yet.

You can update all the information in the shop or chain store through the device on , even can change the parameters, change the member ‘s right to receive , process orders, status updates row chemistry, integrated with web reporting system gives you access to view management reports from anywhere via the internet.

Management software functionality Hotel , Spa LVPOS


– Keep track of how customers are using the services of the hotel, the rooms are in, the living room and the service book of the hotel together with the customer is using.
– The function of reservation, cancellation allows tracking information and the requirements of customers booking or cancel your reservation, the status of each room in the hotel quickly and accurately using diagrams and reports rooms detailed situation thus helping each manager to control the operations of business most effectively.
– Search for reservations, booking advice to customers with information quickly lookup accurate. Change the color, style room manager enables easy positioning in the process of servicing.
– Make a list of the day will go to help timely reception welcome.
– Design diagrams rooms and other service forms modeled after actual hotel.
– Response process serves many types of services simultaneously without occurrence of confusion for customers who put the request to avoid first served later, take the following requirements served basis).
– Update pricing policy , prices , discount for each form provided by region ( loyalty, promotions … ), at each location or all locations in the hotel or in hotel chains.
– Add the form of providing services to customers and the corresponding prices at any time any.
– For some services need to monitor entry exists , the necessary materials are formulated for each service composition. Based on the formula to supplement running out of raw materials. Except for material existence has to comply with the norms
meaning from before.


– Customer Management System according to simple and easy to use.
– Manage customer information, manage customer status, customer service packages which have been used.
– Manage items: management of cosmetic products, management of service packs (customer care program).
– Management of purchases, sales and inventory.
– Management of card types: prepaid, membership, services, …
– Public Debt Management: Debt management details from stock.
– Manage sales by salesperson.
– Manage sales revenue in each geographic positioning package, according to each room.
– Manage materials deductions used in the service.
– Supports multiple reports by various criteria.
– Arrange appointment of a scientific customer care helps clients achieve high performance.
– Checking availability is fast, convenient.
– Track customer memberships and promotions: as discounts, accumulate points, creating the impression of good service quality for customers.
– Support for multiple forms of payment such as cash, bank cards, VIP cards, payments by accumulating points.
– Assist the executive leadership can work remotely through the internet.
– Analysis of sales by each day, each hour, each region.


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