Cash management software KARAOKE + BIDA

Management software karaoke, billiards of is an effective tool in the management and operation of the restaurant. Currently, due to the need to exchange and increase entertainment , karaoke , billiards whereby many were opened to meet the needs of a large number of customers , especially the youth. However, it is quite complex because of the nature of the store Karaoke , billiards , but without a special tool to support force , the operation of this shop will be a conundrum for the shop owners.


to manage karaoke, billiards.

    Price applies automatically hour by hour, day, weekdays, weekends and holidays. Classification vip room, usually.
    Manage drinks, snacks, customer equipment use. Statistics of goods in the room, order drinks, food through the menu.
    Manage Export – Import – Inventory, weighing ingredients. Tracking accuracy, reduce losses.
    Reported revenue by day, month and year. Statistics visits and friendly, some people use theater room . Income and expenditure statistics and customer debt
And more!…

Management anytime, anywhere

Sales on a Tablet

Sales anytime, anywhere

managed directly on the phone

Difficulty understanding you are not always on duty at the store or the computer to receive orders and take the appropriate coordination should LVpos can be designed to integrate with smart devices like smarthphone or Ipad. All data is updated constantly every day, every hour helps you never miss a business opportunity yet.

You can update all the information in the shop or chain store through the device on, even can change the parameters, change the member ‘s right to receive, process orders, status updates row chemistry, integrated with web reporting system gives you access to view management reports from anywhere via the internet.

Management software functionality Hotels, Spa LVPOS


– Manage employee information and lists of areas, floors, rooms.
– Manage rooms and visually precise, effective prevention diagrams, statistics are guest rooms, the rooms were booked, availability …
– Manipulation directly on the diagrams room, very quick, handy.
– Statistics business situation by day, month, year, ..
Task Manager
– The system boot time singing, ordering quick and convenient registration helping customers rooms quickly, efficiently .
Management Services of service attached automatically charged when customers finish plays.
– Manage the Dinh Vu fee for each different room.
– Remote management via the Internet , karaoke chain management remotely.
Flexibility in service management
– Add quick service when customers use.
– Convert the customer room flexibility.
– Quick check customer information, date and time to.
– Show diagram visual room : availability, room set, living room…
– Flexibility of the bill form, in particular for each business located …
Accurate statistics and details
– Detailed revenue management through flexible reporting system (room, service charges … ).
– Statistics of visitors to the shop, the number of guests per room.
– Advanced search system ( over time, code bill, number of rooms, staff… ).
– The system provides utilities makes data management easy.
– System user management and authorization closely to each professional is a necessary feature


– Map visualization bar, friendly (designed for each bar)
Display tables with guests, no guests … someone set goals, set goals and information but accompanying services (food, drinks …)
– Go to the table, guest table grafting on demand quickly, science.
– Calculate the amount of food, drinks and service charges into one bill, quick and specific.
– Having split function supports the bill overall pay, according to the group.
– Discounts% on each type of service (Billiard, snooker … food, drinks) in days, hours, customer groups …
– Support for remote management, via the internet … Help Managers to grasp correctly the bar, from table to table, each associated services.
– Displays a goal had guests or bookings. Updated every minute sales shop any where.
– Support sales reports and operational status of the restaurant via SMS anytime you want.
– Manage menu: Update the names of food items for food uong..quan group …
– Revenue Statistics by day, month, year, quarter …
– Statistics for each group revenue service, food, drink …
– Statistics revenue under the table, for each employee.
– Manage inventory (export, import, N) and many other features …


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