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Currently, supermarkets, large and small fashion shops springing up all over the intersection, main street shopping as demand increases, business forms sector is also diversifying accordingly. Problem upgrade and professionalize sales service to make an impression in the eyes of buyers also cause a lot of difficulties, especially when they want to expand the scale and development of chain stores . Most of the stores are operated according to traditional methods to the problem to manage inventory, assets, order management, customer care... makes you confused, business performance is not high , consuming time and money.


to manage the store shops, supermarkets yours.

The store with the diversity of goods, many sizes, colors makes the management faced many difficulties and need a comprehensive solution to achieve optimum efficiency in the business. Sales management software LVpos helps entrepreneurs solved the anxiety and bring an effective management tool, accurate and flexible warehouse management hoat.Tinh allow cargo management import and export of goods according to specific sectors such shop Size, color, style, auto show inventory management under the PLU barcode, the hang.Danh of products, divided in groups with basic information and pictures. Integrated bar code printers, bar code readers available on the market (lets you print bar codes directly from the program). Print sales invoice (bill) by paper size 54mm, 58mm, 76mm, 80mm, 7.5cm x 10cm inlaser small size, or laser A5LVpos support to many types of unit pricing flexibility helps eg retail price, wholesale pricing, special discounts, sales manager by day, in shifts, according to staff, in sales reports, fund management (receipts, payment bills, aggregate funds). Membership management functionality (VIP, Gold, Silver, Copper …) and automatically reduces the price for each type of member, manager for customer debts, accumulate points card automatically raise alerts when the threshold type members revenue.

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Sales on a Tablet

Sales anytime, anywhere

managed directly on the phone

Difficulty understanding you are not always on duty at the store or the computer to receive orders and take the appropriate coordination should LVpos can be designed to integrate with smart devices like smarthphone or Ipad. All data is updated constantly every day, every hour helps you never miss a business opportunity yet .

You can update all the information in the shop or chain store through the device on, even can change the parameters, change the member ‘s right to receive, process orders, status updates row chemistry, integrated with web reporting system gives you access to view management reports from anywhere via the internet.

Automatically receive orders into sales management systems LVpos

To avoid lost cause orders of business opportunities or loss of revenue should LVpos function automatically receive orders. Online orders will be integrated from Online sales site in real time and automatically move into sales management systems LVpos. Orders will include full information on the customer, product listings and bids. After receiving orders decentralized staff can change the order status, delivery management for each mode of transport. Such systems are actively line storage and report output whenever you need it, anywhere and you can also check the store’s business

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